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Portable Concrete Mixer Answers Your Practical Construction Needs

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A cement mixer is an imperative part of any construction project. A few contactors or companies start small, accepting small scale projects for construction.  For these companies or contactors, industrial mixers on truck deliveries would be too impractical, heavyweight and extremely expensive. Thus they would need equipment that is more suitable for their construction projects. A portable concrete mixer is the best answer to this particular need.

Portable concrete mixing equipment enable the workers to bring the mixer everywhere and anywhere they want and need to. Generally, the portability of this cement mixer is just because of its easily movable base and small size. In preference to trucks, the miniaturized concrete mixer consists of a wheelbarrow for its base. It adds greater flexibility in using this mixer as it can be put at the nearest possible location where current cementing work is in hand.

It means mixed concrete would only be at arm’s reach of the workers, preventing useless and, most significantly, wasteful hardening of cement within the concrete drum. Talking about the drum, the manufacturers of this transportable concrete mixer made certain that the drum is as strong and durable as it likely can be. The mixer contains a recycler, /8 inch thick, impact resistant, UV stabilized, polyethylene drum. This polyethylene part lets the drum to take some beating, as construction work can be so rough. And this is ensured without denting, cracking or even rusting. And for added efficiency and practicality, the drum is very easy to clean up.

Apart from the drum affixed on a wheelbarrow, the drum also comes as a slew steer drum attachment. This is suitable for companies which can afford skid steers making is very easy for the mixed concrete and cement mixer to reach hard to get places. It is also suitable for off loading cement trucks. This expediently links up to the hydraulics of your skid steer as well as the highly durable polyethylene drum can hold up to five 80-lb. pre-mix bags. The adjustable hydraulic flow controller will work up to 30 GPM and 3,000 PSI.

Apart from the concrete mixers, mixer manufacturers also provide mortar mixers. This principally employs the same technology and functions through the same principles except it is specifically made to mix mortar, epoxy gout, stucco and thin-sets. And it does this within only a few minutes. Among the suppliers, a few of them specifically offer a mixer that features a high torque motor that provides you craggy durability in conjunction with quiet operation. Once more, an emphasis is given to the polyethylene drum that makes for an easy and quick clean up even for the likes and the mortar. A big-win product for the masonry field!

Transportable cement mixing machines are now a necessary for any small scale construction projects. It has basically become a need. But any contractor can have a benefit if the most practical, appropriate and most efficient cement mixer is selected among those available in the market. And, as any smart contractor would know, the product’s durability is most important plus. Mixer manufacturers provide for this every contractor’s need.