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Mixing Cement Without An Electric Cement Mixer

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Whether you need to mix cement to rebuild your driveway, fill some cracks on the floor around your home, or merely as part of a few landscaping project, if you don’t own an electric or gas powered cement mixer, then you will have to do it manually. Doing this can be time taking as well as an ache in the back though if it is your only choice, then you will need to do what you need to do. There are numerous ways to do it but let’s look at each of them. What you will require are some simple things. The first one is the cement bag. You can get these at several places like a Home Depot.

cement mixerThere are numerous sizes, weights as well as mixer proportions. There are also many kinds of cement to select from as well. If you are uncertain about what to get, you can ask from one of the workers out there. The cost per bag will depend upon the category in addition to how many pounds the bag is. The more it is in weight; the more it will cost you. For convenience of mixing, opt for the premixed type. Others things you will require are a wheelbarrow, a shovel and water.

The very first thing you will do is to add a little water inside the wheelbarrow, just sufficient to wet the bottom. From there, you can use a scissors or knife to cut in the bag and pour the concrete mixture into the wheelbarrow. Normally, you can do 2 bags in one time depending upon how big your wheelbarrow is. Bear in mind that the more cement you mix in one time, the harder it will be. Cement is weighty and having to combine it specifically when it is still dry can get quite physically demanding. After that, just start pouring some water to the cement. The amount of water you add if you are only smoothing it will be just about the same as how much amount of cement is in there. Just to ensure you don’t put extra though, mix the concrete with a shovel and slowly add more water as required. With respect to an electric-powered cement mixer, you can also enjoy the fact that you can easily turn the switch on and off, when it is not in use. This is one of the most significant things and would be a formative aspect, whether to opt for a gas powered mixers or an electric powered ones.

Once you have a good mix where there is no more dry concrete, you can then either transfer it out from the wheelbarrow to where you actually require it or use the shovel and move it to the ground. Bear in mind that cement will dry soon so don’t leave it inside the barrow for a longer time period. The best thing to do is to just rent or buy an electronically operated cement mixer to make this process a lot easier on your body as well as save your valuable time.