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Know Different Types Of Cement Mixers And Discover Which One Is The Best

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Cement mixers are generally used to save time in the entire process of cement mixing that used to be typically done by hand and needed lots of effort and time. There are several online cement mixer suppliers available that develop state-of-the-art concrete mixer equipments of the series. These cement mixing equipments can produce best quality cement within a shorter time span, only around 30 to 40 seconds. These equipments work on the basis of gear reducer drive, the cement mixer presents best mixing ability, rapid and exceptionally higher productivity.

A concrete mixer concentrates on shaft and seal mechanism, which put a stop to leakage of concrete efficiently. The temperature detection technology for oil pumps and motors, and safety equipment for overall door are also utilized inside these concrete mixers. Numerous online concrete mixer brands are featured and adopted by long service life, high reliability, outstanding power performance and large transfer torque.

There are several kinds of concrete mixers that are in use and the category and size of a cement mixer entirely depends upon the amount of mixing that is to be made. The amount of cement that is to be mixed determines the type of cement mixer to be utilized.

Different Types Of Cement Mixers Available

Mini Mixers:  These kinds of mixers are very suitable options whenever the mixing to be done is considerably less in amount. The amount of output of these concrete mixers is commonly restricted to some 200 liters per batch. As these mixers are loaded by hand, that is why; the amount of output varies a lot. Another aspect about these mixers is that the amount of output is always around 30% less than the amount of input just because of the consolidation that happens all through the mixing process. These types of mixers are suitable for mixing mortars and plasters.

Diesel And Petrol Variety: Diesel as well as petrol mixers are much costly than other types of concrete mixers, however are perfectly suitable option for many as these do not operate on electricity. However, the petrol concrete mixers are somewhat cheaper than the diesel mixer. Alternatively, the diesel mixers are relatively popular among many builders just due to its low running cost and durability.

Electric Cement Mixer: The electric cement mixers variety is extremely popular as these are very easy to hire or even buy. However the only disadvantage of these types of mixers is that you need extension outlets or cords to plug these. This might be a major issue for you when you are traveling to some other area where there is no supply for electricity.

Industrial Variety: Industrial concrete mixers are used in sites where massive amount of cement output is required. These industrial mixers comprises of two shaft batch mixers that allow rapid mixing. These kinds of mixers are multipurpose and very powerful for massive amount of outputs.

Concrete Transport Truck: These are considered as special type of mixers where concrete is transported and mixed. Water and dry material is put into the barrel and the mixing is done during transport.

All these concrete mixers are used massively all around the world depending upon the amount of output required.